Who am I, and what is Roman Orthodoxy?

My name is John A. Monaco, and I am a doctoral student in theology. Welcome to the Substack of my blog, Roman Orthodoxy, a traditional Catholic blog on faith, life, and culture.

Substack is a subscription-based newsletter. For my purposes, it will serve as a casual space for personal reflection on various topics, but mostly involving faith, spirituality, and current events. While the traditional blog medium is still my preference, Substack allows for a more casual and conversational tone. If you subscribe, each newsletter will go straight to your email inbox (though if you aren’t receiving it, please check the Promotions tab or spam folder!)

It is my hope that my writing will help you in your journey of faith. Those interested in this blog will most likely be members of the Catholic Church (both Latin and the various Eastern Churches) or the Orthodox Church (both Chalcedonian and non-Chalcedonian). But, of course, all are welcome to read and join in the conversation. Let me know what you find most or least helpful. You may write to me via the “Contact” tab on my blog. Please pray for me, and know I will do the same for you.

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